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    What is ELAN's Smart-KeyBoard™?
    The Smart-Keyboard™ is a keyboard and touchpad hybrid meant to enhance the keyboard applications
    by incorporating intuitive finger touch. The Smart-Keyboard™ is embedded with a new touchpad numeric
    keypad which serves as a numeric keypad as well as a touchpad. The touchpad mode allows Windows 7
    compatible multi-touch gestures while retaining the conventional numeric keypad functions.

    Why ELAN's Smart-Keyboard™?
    ELAN's wireless Smart-Keyboard™ eliminates the need for a
    mouse and a more expensive solution in a touchscreen panel.
    The product offers the same wireless keyboard function, but also
    adds a more user-friendly, faster, and easier way to manipulate.

  • Multi-touch Capacitive Touchpad with RF :

  •    *  Reliable 2.4GHz RF technology that extends to 10M from the Nano Dongle, and trim down interference in your
           Wireless LAN environment.
       *  Multi-Touch Gesture Mode fully supports and compatible with Windows 7 operation.
       *  Mouse Mode with Cursor/Button control.
       *  Ten-key Mode with flat-panel numeric keypad.

    ELAN's Smart-Keyboard™ Demo


    What is ELAN's Smart-3DForceSensor™?
    The Smart-3DForceSensor™ provides multi-input mode for 3D gaming. It allows the user to control the speed
    at which the object moves depending upon the user’s pressure level on the force sensor.

    The Smart-3DForceSensor™ can be used as well for searching through 3D Menu/Contents.

    Why ELAN's Smart-3DForceSensor™?

  • Joystick mode

  •     * Move the Game object in X-Y-Z 3D environment.
        * The Game object movement can change its speed corresponding to the applied pressure.

  • Jog Wheel mode

  •     * The scrolling speed is proportional to the input force.
        * Application: Menu Scrolling, Volume Control and Cursor scrolling.

  • Mouse mode

  •     * The cursor moves in 360 degree direction, the motion speed is proportional to the finger input force.

  • Analog Switch mode

  •     * Conventional switch and tactile switch.

    ELAN's Smart-3DForceSensor™ Demo

    Smart-3D Remote Control™

    What is ELAN's Smart-3D Remote Control™?
    The 6-in-1 Smart-3D Remote Control™ is integrated with a multi input device:
    Mouse / Joystick / Multi-touch Gesture / Keyboard / Presenter / Handwriting recognition functions for IPTV.

    Why ELAN's Smart-3D Remote Control™?

  • Multi-touch Capacitive Touchpad:

  •     * Mouse Mode for Cursor control/Scrolling.
        * Multi-touch Gestures for Zoom in/out,
           Rotate, and Scrolling of graphic display
        * Controls on-Screen Keyboard for Web Surfing / on-line Chat / Widget select.
        * Fully supports and compatible with Windows 7 / Android multi-touch gesture operation.

  • Capacitive type 3D Force Sensor:

  •     * Multi-Function: Joystick / Jog Wheel / Cursor / Analog Switch.
        * 360 degree direction control.
        * Motion speed control:
           - The controlled object movement speed changes corresponding to applied pressure.
           - Pressure Measurement Range: 0 to 6N (600gf)
        * Application:
           - 3D Games: 360 degree control, Multi-speed control.
           - 3D UI Control: Quick Search for Menu/Contents.

    ELAN's Smart-3D Remote Control™ Demo

    Smart-3D Mouse™

    What is ELAN's Smart-3D Mouse™?
    The Smart-3D Mouse™ is equipped with two touch-sensitive sensor pads while retaining
    the conventional right / left / scroll buttons.
    Located on top of the mouse is the multi-touch sensor pad, while a small Side Sensor Pad is
    at the left (thumb) side of the mouse body. Finger touch combination on the two sensor pads
    enhances the 3D Mouse functions to include more intuitive multi-touch gestures.

    Why ELAN's Smart-3D Mouse™?

    ELAN's Smart-3D Mouse™ Demo