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    What is ELAN's Smart-Touchscreen™?

    ELAN provides a smart, fast, and easy method to use human interface. Our advance transparent touchscreen
    technology provides the total customized solution. Currently, ELAN's touch solutions can be used for small
    screens ranging from 2 to 5.3 inches. At the same time, we are launching solutions that will be used in tablet
    PC from 7-12 inches. Our touch panel features are highlighted by the ability to remove back-side ITO, has no
    bending issues, and can support 10 fingers.

    Where can you find ELAN's Smart-TouchScreen™?

    ELAN's touchscreen solutions can be used for notebooks, tablets,
    music players, GPS, cell phones, cameras, smart remote controls,
    and much more. With just a simple touch and ELAN's technology,
    we have many more innovative products to come.

    Why use ELAN's Smart-Touchscreen™?

  • DSP core-based technology for image process, palm rejection, etc.
  • Support 10-finger touch
  • High report rate: 1 finger > 100 Hz, 10 finger > 60 Hz
  • Precise accuracy and linearity
  • High resolution
  • Excellent Noise immunity: Can overcome LCM noise without back-side ITO, no bending issue in large panels, RFI immunity
  • Driver support for windows 7, Android, Meego, Linux, etc
  • Supports In-System-Programming / In-Application-Programming
  • Patent protected
  • Total Solution from 2 inch to 12 inch

  • ELAN's Touchscreen Demo

    Elan Smart-Touchscreen™ for NB & Smart Phone